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The DNS Process

Jul 6, 2012 • dns,networking

The DNS process is suprisingly complex. Let’s take a look at how the system works, in a simple solution. Let’s say that you want to take your new browser for a spin, and go to http://www.excalibursheath.com

How does your browser know what server to load the website from? The answer is DNS!

The DNS Process in Simplified Terms goes like this:

  1. Web Browser Asks the Computer do you know the address for www.excalibursheath.com?
  2. The computer asks the resolving name server, usually at your Internet Service Provider what’s the IP Address for www.excalibursheath.com
  3. The resolving name server asks the root name server for the IP Address. The root server says check the TLD (Top Level Domain) name servers.
  4. The resolving name server then asks the TLD server for the IP Address. The TLD server then says to check with the Authoritative Name Server.
  5. The Authoritative name server says the IP Address is