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Why Update Scripts

Feb 26, 2013 • wordpress,scripts

When websites have security issues there is one cause of the problem which I see more than any other. Scripts that are not updated. When I ask people why they do not keep the scripts updated to the newest version I am told a few different reasons. In general they boil down to the site being abandoned, or to people using custom coding. Sometimes I’ve heard that people want to wait for a certain period of time until the scripts are “Mature enough.” The problem is that while this strategy can work for software, and operating systems scripts are a little different. We need to update scripts so that security holes. ograms and operating systems are compiled. Compiling means that the code is changed into code that the computer natively understands. A script, like the many used to run websites are not compiled. Each time it is loaded the software that is compiled is the result of constant coding, and as it matures bugs, and other problems are removed and it functions better. Scripts also have bugs, every time a script releases an update it has fixes for the previous bugs that hackers may be able to use to place malicious code into the web hosting account. Keeping your scripts updated is a way to make sure that hackers do not have as much of a chance to compromise your account. Many scripts in use today are mature products, and are not prone to major changes, which cause performance to degrade.