The Optimization of WordPress on Shared Hosting!

I have read about optimizing WordPress to make load faster.

My goals are:

  • Improve the site’s Gtetrix score
  • Not change the appearance too much

One of item I recently noticed was that my hosting provider ( has partnered with CloudFlare to provide a free level of service to customers. I decided to make use of this service at this time.Gtmetrix baseline

The site was not scored very badly for not optimization having been done.After CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache

The jump from the caching plugin, and Cloudflare was remarkable.After Optimization

Optimizing the images resulted in a nice bump in performance.

In summary: If you follow the steps below your site will see a huge decrease in loading time. There are more advanced features you can do, but I think these few steps are where you see the most bang for the buck.

  1. Turn on the free Cloudflare service
  2. Install and configure W3 Total Cache
  3. Install WP Plugin
  4. Run on all previously updated images
Written on September 15, 2012